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Instead, it is a lookup tool, sort of like Google for microchip registrations. This way, you can contact the manufacturer to see which implanter they may have sold the chip to. Unfortunately, this information will only show for non-registered chips. If a chip is registered, it will only show the information seen in point number 2 above.

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This is not because of cost or inconvenience — those companies are actively choosing not to be part of the lookup. If your pet goes missing, wherever it turns up a vet can scan the chip and read the number.

Cat and Dog Microchipping

They can log into the centralised database and enter the number straight from the microchip reader. That will tell them the owner's name and phone number, and they can just ring the owner and tell them they've got their pet. The AVID technology is an information system that keeps records on individual animals, and allows those animals to be identified and linked up with other information about them, like who owns them. AVID technology was invented to help find lost pets, and it works really well.

Avid Identification Systems, Inc. v. Crystal Import Corp. Experience Sughrue Mobile

But an information system that good wouldn't stop there. Some people looked at this technology and decided it could be used with people instead of animals. The microchip isn't injected under a person's skin.

Instead, they seal it inside a plastic wristband. But apart from that, it works in exactly the same way as with pets. Whether it's used with animals or with people, AVID technology is information technology that is used as part of a control system. Want to know all about microchips used for identification? Here 's a great place to start. This process is quick and painless for your pet.

Both the needle provided by Datamars and the microchip are the smallest on the market today. The microchip contains only a number. It is a passive device and only emits a signal when scanned by a microchip reader.

Microchip Search

If your pet is lost, the animal shelter can scan your pet and see the number. If your pet has been registered, you will then be contacted to arrange the return of your pet.

Veterinary Pet Microchip Video

However, it is essential that you register your pet and keep your contact information up to date. In addition to the microchip, your pet should have a pet tag on its collar with your cell phone number, the microchip number and the name of the manufacturer of the microchip. Why is a Microchip Important for International Travel?

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  • If you are traveling to an EU Country and many other countries in the world, a microchip for your dog or cat is mandatory as veterinary officials use it to compare your pet that they are scanning to the veterinary documents you have presented. Many countries require a microchip for dogs and cats to enter. See a list of countries that require a microchip. The 15 digit ISO pet microchip is the world standard, and if you are traveling to an EU country and your pet has a nine or ten digit microchip, you can choose to have a 15 digit pet microchip implanted or you will need to carry your own microchip scanner.

    Why the Datamars Microchip?