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Generally, one must be at least 16 years of age to be employed. Exceptions are granted to minors— specifically 14 and 15 year-old— working in non-hazardous professions and only working during non -school hours.

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Professions deemed hazardous include ones that may seem less than obvious such as working at an ice-skating rink or bowling alley. There is no law that requires nor prohibits employers from conducting a drug screening in Illinois.

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Many may fall prey to the misconception that the Illinois Drug Free Workplace Act enforces a drug test; rather, it simply states that workplaces must be free from drugs. This law applies to employers with 25 or more employees, and mirrors a federal law called the Drug Free Workplace Act of In Illinois, employers may consider prior convictions when making employment decisions.

However, use of arrest information or sealed or expunged convictions is prohibited. As long as a firm gets permission from the subject who is being checked, said firm can obtain criminal background checks from either a private firm or the IL state police.

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Background screenings can be made required in order to advance in the employment process. If one is a non-licensed health care worker providing direct care to patients in Illinois, they are required to have criminal background checks performed by the Illinois State Police. The same rule of conducting criminal background checks applies to individuals applying for positions involving direct, daily contact with students anywhere within a school district in Illinois.

Medical and psychiatric exams can be used to screen applicants to see if they would be able to perform the position in question safely and efficiently.

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However, under no circumstances may such an exam discriminate against an applicant with disabilities. A safeguard against discrimination occurring has become the implementation of such a test only after a position has already been offered. In other words, employments at that point is conditional upon passing the test of ability.

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As long as the applicant can perform the conditions of the job safely and efficiently either with or without reasonable accommodation, an employer may not discriminate based upon disability. If an employer uses medical and psychiatric exams, they must use them on all applicants. Additionally, they must come last in terms of all other types of screening used— this is also separately required by the federal Americans with Disabilities Act. Employers must make reasonable accommodations when appropriate, and take all necessary steps to keep medical information confidential.

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This includes medical examinations and test results. The doctor performing any medical examination should be informed of the precise nature and demands of the position so that they can examine the applicant in terms of the specific job requirements.

Illinois used to be a state in which one could be screened for employment in terms of credit score. If an employer does request a credit check, the page on which the job applicant signs must only concern the credit check— e. Outside of Illinois, credit checks have been fairly popular in practice, with over 60 per cent of employers doing one in some regard.

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