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My advice is forward your phone to your cell 's so there are no "unansered" calls. This way you are not pegged as being away from home. Just my thoughts. This guy called today. He said he is with some investor group buying houses for below the market price, turn around and resell them. He was looking for the previous owner of my cell phone who had a house for sale at one time. Took me a while to get him to understand he had the wrong person.

I called the number back and it said "thank you for calling the sales department" hit 1 to leave a message. Hit 2 to be added to the do not call list. Just hit two and block it. Its spam.

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This guy with a strong accent new my name address and bday. He wanted my routing number and he sayed he was from paydayloan.

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Panicked cos our girl lives in Beaverton. These individuals want to be stopped. Received a text telling me that my entry last month has won and that I should go to targetwinner. Never been to Target in my life. Just had DirecTV installe yesterday, its probably them. Would be nice if they left a message though. I was at church when they called. The call-back no.

We are given is , however nothing came up on the Calling-ID. This requires your immediate response!!! This number is linked to threatening text messages and prank calls. It has been turned over to the police and is currently being investigated. Happy my children were so happy when they got home from school one had detention so hes in charge of cleaning up after the bulldog and terrier yorkie while grounded. They keep calling and when I try and call them back it states that the number is no longer in service. No one talks.

Says he tried to contact me on several occasions and that I have qualified for an award of 2 roundtrip airline tickets. No company name is mentioned but at the top is the work American with a logo, but it is not the American Airlines logo. Called claiming to be Dollar Bank via extremely unofficial robot voice.

(707) 779-#### Phone Numbers is located near Santa Rosa

I don't have Dollar Bank, so definitely a scam. Part of a fraudster organization attempting to buy or offer cars. Stay away please. Went by Jordan Goodwin. I called the nubmer back and even before it rang on the other end a message said, "Thank you for calling Walmart". So I hung up.

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  • I receive calls from this number and he will not reveal who he is and what he wants. He says he name is Steve. It is a little scary. Wants to lower my interest rate on credit card, doesn't say what credit card company they are talking about. Calls a week. Called to offer duct cleaning. I googled the number and it came up as a cel phone in New York. I am nowhere near there. Seems dodgy. Keeps calling my phone number asking for my husband.

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    It's Santander, but the car loan we have with them is not past due. Will not speak to me, says they can only speak to husband. This is another scam telemarketer trying to give away 'free' caribean vacations, only problem is you have to provide you credit card number for a 'nominal' charge. Funny thing that these calls seem to only be directed to Canadians since they would get the book thrown at them if the tried to con Americans. Doesn't matter how often you report them, nothing ever gets done about it.

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    You have been selected to receive 2 Round trip Airfares to anywhere Southwest flies. Call for details of participation. This offer is not sponsored by or affiliated with Southwest Airlines but they are a major supplier.

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