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Mirage Island is an island located on route It is inhabited by a lot of Waynauts. In fact, that's the only Pokemon you can catch there. As for the purpose of the island, there has been none so far except for the fact that you could get a special Pokeblock Pokeblock no Mirage Island does not appear normally. The first hint about it's existence was the claim made by an old man in Pacifidlog Town.

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Mirage Island Pokemon are found randomly in the wild. They could be from any species. To be able to trigger Mirage Island, you'll need a Pokemon which have a gender brak point stats. Pokemon genders are determined by a set of value. A Mirage Island Pokemon need to fulfill that gender breakpoint requirement, which is precisely the transition value between a female of that species and male of that species.

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The probability of a Pokemon being an Illusion, depends on how high the percentage of that Pokemon being from a certain gender. Crazy, yes? Raven PM. Well I have had the game for a while now I am really tired of it and don't play it anymore. Never found Mirage Island..

Somehow though, I did manage to get Pokerus. Travis Bickle PM. Now, how do you get Deoxys? You don't The same goes for Jirachi. Here's what I've heard about Deoxys. Deoxys is on one of them. Also, there are three versions of him. Benjamin PM. Tickle Tickle PM. Not true. If you preordered Pokemon Collseum sp you get a disc where you can download Jirachi.

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I have Jirachi in my game, without any cheating. There's only one guy you absolutly need Gameshark for, and thats Celebi He came with the Japanese Colloseum disk instead of Jerichi. Climbing the pillar: Many floors of the Sky Pillar are cracked and weak, the only way to move though them is though the mach bike! In Some of the upper floors of the Sky Pillar you will have to weave your way though rocks and unsturdy floors, but overall it requires the mastering of the MACH Bike!.

And you will gain access to the other floors. Once you get to the Fifth floor and the roof the Mach bike is no longer needed, the flooring is stable. This makes the Secret Base feature one of the more useful features in the entire game. It's definitely worth kitting out your Secret Base. In each base you can find a flag, which you can collect. As you collect more flags, you can speak to Aarune in Fortree City and he'll rank your base up. The higher your base Rank, the more things you unlock. You unlock more decorations in the store, and various things for your Secret Pal to do.

It's also the only way to get one of the Mega Stones in the game, the Garchompite. However, I find it absolutely ridiculous that the only way to get the Garchompite a stone that many will want to use through collecting flags.

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Nice article! A whole load of stuff I didn't know. Will definitely be on the lookout for those level Blissey's. You can trade a Pokemon holding the garchompite stone from x and y to someone else and then have that person trade it back to you in oras. Thats what I did.

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I can help you do that if you want. Chubblings Like the article mentioned, turn on your PSS and keep inviting leaders delete them afterwards as they will give you the number of flags that particular player has collected in the past day up to 30 , so if you're lucky enough you may reach with under 50 invites. So far I'm really liking the secret bases.

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I haven't done much with my own base as I have yet to finish the main story, but once I'm done with that and maybe Delta-episode , I'll definitely look for a new better location and see how I can expand it. I already have the stairs, so I'm looking forward to having a second floor.

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Besides, it's really nice that you get all the benefits from battling other trainers in secret bases EXP, Affection benefits actually working unlike online but none of the drawbacks like having to heal or revive your pokemon afterward. My one gripe is that you can only have 20 decorations in a secret base.

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Does anyone have any idea why they included the restriction? I have no idea That, and most bases aren't all that big to begin with. Having more, the QR code will be huge thats why only the base owner has its pokes, while the grunts have set pokes. Lol I don't even have secret power. Marakuto Awesome, thanks for that. MegaBeedrill 7. SnackBox There is an item called Level Release.

It is a decoration for your secret base that you may place so that you may battle without restrictions to level when it is turned on. You can get the Level Release by traveling to the battle resort after you beat the Delta Episode. Head up North up the stairs in front of where you get off the boat.

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Hang a right at the Battle Maison and keep going until you get to the first house on the docks. The footprint guy and a battle girl should be inside. Talk to the battle girl and she should give you the Level Release. I'd like to add in something that was missed. When someone scans your QR Code and adds your secret base to their game, they will only be able to battle the first three Pokemon on your team.

I really wish Game Freak didn't do this. It's sad I can't have a proper 6 v 6. Also, when you add Secret Pals and put them in your base, those Secret Pals will have 3 Pokemon generated based on the type of Trainer the Secret Pals are. Getting to Platinum Rank is a major pain in the behind. Been playing around with secret bases for a week and a half, while StreetPassing a lot, and I am still not even at