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This is the natural outcome of being human. The state with the rule of law is committed to protect that right. If there is any obstruction on that way, it eliminates that obstruction. But insults made against human dignity and inciting violence is not freedom according to universal law. Other than these, freedom of expression cannot be limited.

We also believe that criticism should never be punished. This is the regulation.

Premiere: ‘Cold and Bitter Tears: The Songs of Ted Hawkins’ album tells musician’s story

But, in practice, one judge among three takes a different look. The difference of opinion is being evaluated by upper courts. We have done work in the reform package to eliminate the hurdles in front of freedom of expression that stem from implementation.

The Tracks of My Tears - Smokey Robinson & The Miracles

If the government felt the need to prepare a reform package on justice, then there is nothing extraordinary about a song on justice goes viral in Turkey. The Syrian Constitutional Committee will continue its discussions on Nov. Preliminary indicators show Turkey has entered a strong rebalancing period, the country's finance and treasury minister said on Nov.

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This is probably the best known version of the famous Bob Dylan song. It was a hit at the height of the early 60s folk revival, but it has an undeniable timelessness.

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Dylan has always been more about complaining than he has been about solving, yet at this time and place, somebody needed to provide a rallying point for emotions, and he stepped up. The song is a powerful indictment of what has not yet been accomplished, and it helped convert many an individual to social activism. Who says that all songs that inspire have to do so in a way that breeds, well, satisfaction…?

  • Premiere: ‘Cold and Bitter Tears: The Songs of Ted Hawkins’ album tells musician’s story.
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The sheer success of the song it was a consensus number one for the year , resonating with the suppressed disappointments of millions, should have turned heads in every chamber of every government on the planet. Pete Seeger wrote the music for this song in the s, using as lyrics passages from the Book of Ecclesiastes. What we have here is either the simplest of love songs, or a profound treatise on the primacy of self-respect. In Chicago, where the street drugs problem was real and up close, the song was number one for four weeks and stayed in the top-ten for more than ten.

In other places it was a lesser hit, in part because it was actually banned in some markets for being about drugs at all. Few people on either side objected to the way the message was presented musically, with the intense vocals of Mark Lindsay playing well against a tight, tension-filled guitar line and relentless thematic development. If there were ever a song that gives domesticity, faithfulness, and commitment a good name, this is it. This song was one of the most memorable tracks on Sgt.

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But there are few songs about change that are as multidimensional as this one is, cleverly set out as a rather simple vignette almost anyone can appreciate. Although not a hit in the U. Yes, the world is often a grubby, troubling, and isolating place, but it is also filled with splendor, and with opportunities.

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Thus no one is truly alone, at least no one who can be impressed by the vast expanses of possibility. This song, also a hit only on non-U.